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GM Markos Lecture

Svidler vs. Navara – ČEZ CHESS TROPHY 2012

Positions that even Fritz and Rybka don´t understand

Lecture by GM Ján Markoš
(21. 6. 2012 od 15:00)

The computer is like fire - a good servant, but a bad master. Today, the computer is used by almost everyone in the chess game: chess engines are simply too strong. But only a few people know how to make good use of them; this means appropriately and correctly without missusing them. In my lecture, I will explain in more detail what is behind the force and the fragility of the chess motors, in which positions we should believe them, and in which positions it is better to ignore their evaluation. By the way, do you believe that some positions that every player of the third-rate class evaluates better than Rybka still exist?
Then I will show you how to "translate" correctly the acts of Fritz and Rybka to a human and strategic language. I believe that, after my lecture, your "home Kasparov" will bring you more benefit than up to now.

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