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sights of Vienna



The first of the three Danubian cities, which the chess train will pass, still breathes of the atmosphere of the former Austro-Hungarian monarchy. A hundred years ago, George Marco organized there chess tournaments and the Habsburgs were in power in large parts of the Europe. St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna State Opera, the Museum of Fine Art in beautiful Renaissance palaces on the square of Maria Teresa and Schönbrunn Palace are the sights which are worth to visit and remember.

St. Stephen's Cathedral is a landmark of Vienna

Schönbrunn Palace of Habsburg monarchs

The building of the Vienna State Opera reminds the National Theatre in Prague, well the one Austro-Hungarian Empire

Participants of the famous Vienna tournament in 1898. Standing: Schwarz, Schlechter, Fahndrich, Caro, Maróczy, Showalter, Marco, Alapin, Halprin, Baird and Burn. Sitting:Tarrasch, Blackburne, Pillsbury, Steinitz, Chigorin, Janowsky, Schiffers and Lipke

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