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Any chess player can apply for the train tournament, there are no restrictions. Every participant can also register his non-playing partner or friends.

The number of participants is limited (100) and the seating capacity limits the number of non-playing passengers too. You can apply by e-mail ( or by post (Prazska sachova spolecnost, Bajkalska 8, Prague 10, 100 00). In return you will receive information whether you are accepted into the tournament together with instructions how to pay the fees.

Only after the payment of the fee (1.490 CZK – 60 €) and fare (2.990 CZK – 120 €) your application is confirmed and accepted by the organizer. You can also (but you do not have to) book your accommodation through the organizer for reasonable prices in hotels in Dresden, Wroclaw, Piestany and Vienna. The capacity in hotels reserved by the organizer is limited, so the booking is recommended on time. For more information about the accommodation click here.

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Accomodation in Prague:
The participants of the tournament can choose any of the Euroagentur hotels and they will obtain 10% discount of the actual internet prices. More information about the hotels on

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