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Tournament regulations

- 13-rounds rapid chess open tournament by Swiss System
- rate of play: 2x 20 min with increment of 10 s per move
- number of participants 100 (the organizer decides about the acceptance based on the order of received applications)
- all games are played in the train

- entry fee 1.490 CZK (60 EUR)
- train ticket 2.990 CZK (120 EUR)

Prize money: 70.000 CZK (2.800 EUR) and other material prizes and services in the value of at least 100.000 CZK (4.000 EUR) (list of the prize fund).

October 12-th – 10 am - departure from Prague to Dresden (1st – 2-nd rounds)
October 13-th – 10 am - departure from Dresden to Wroclaw (3-rd – 4-th rounds)
October 14-th – 10 am - departure from Wroclaw to Piestany (5-th – 8-th rounds)
October 15-th – 10 am - departure from Piestany to Vienna (9-th – 10-th rounds)
October 16-th – 10 am - departure from Vienna to Prague (11-th – 13-th rounds)

The schedule of individual rounds on particular days as well as the location of train stations may be changed according to the actual situation on the railway.

- organized by the Prague Chess Society in cooperation with Czech Railways
- director of the tournament Mgr. Pavel Matocha

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