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players halls - ČNB

Bank Chess Festival

Palace of the former Commodity Exchange, which is part of seat of Czech National Bank, is the pantheon of financial world. It represents its gloss, comfort, craftsmanship quality and conservative luxury, all within architectural generosity.

The building of the Prague Commodity Exchange was built in 90´s of 19th century at then Havlíčkovo (later Gorkého and nowadays Senovážné) square and its purpose was commodity and crop trading. Four architects were taking part at the project of this interesting building. It was Bedřich Ohmann, Rudolf Krighammer, Josef Zítek and Josef Schulz. The original Art Nouveau project of the first two architects, which was reflecting the style of the nearby Obecní dům (Municipal House) was later alternated by the second duo of architects more in line with traditional neo-renaissance.

An interior landmark of the building was the massive staircase and two Stock Exchange halls – Large Hall and Small Hall. Due to the increase in trade at the time of the 1st Czechoslovakia republic the building had become insufficient for the trade needs, and so between 1928 and 1929 a functionalist extension was build according to Bohumil Hypšman architectonical project.

Nowadays, both the Large and Small Hall are used as grand, luxurious conference rooms of ČNB.

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