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Chess Train 2017

Chess Train 2017

(October 2017, Prague - Olomouc - Trenčín - Bratislava - Lednice - Prague)
The Chess Train 2017 will travel on the route Prague – Olomouc - Trencin - Bratislava - Lednice – Prague from 13th to 17th of October.
An 9-round rapid chess tournament will be held on board of the train during the journey among the cities.
If you would like to join in this unique event, don’t hesitate to register (at The number of seats on the train is limited, unlike the number of applicants from all over the world.
The seat on board of the Chess Train is EUR 199, the seat for accompanying passengers is EUR 149. Accommodation can be booked through the organiser in the selected hotels of 3 categories or by individual booking.

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