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(October 2011, Prague-Vienna-Bratislava-Budapest-Krakow)
Take a trip to five beautiful Central-European cities and play the rapid chess tournament during the way. Specially launched train will start from Prague on October 14-th, 2011 at 10 am and during the way to Vienna you will play the first 3 rounds of the tournament. In the afternoon and the evening you will have an opportunity to see the Austrian metropolis, get a Sacher cake and Viennese coffee, but also visit the opera, you will stay overnight in a nice hotel and on October 15 at 10 am you will go to Budapest. In the train you will play next rounds of the tournament, in the afternoon you will try the famous spa and in the evening taste the Hungarian salami or the best Tokaji wine. On 16 October, Bratislava will be waiting for you, on October 17-th Krakow and on October 18-th you will return to Prague.

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