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refreshment in the train

Chess Train 2013

Menu, drinks

0,2 Mineral water (still/ sparkling) 1 EUR
0,2 Juice (orange/ apple/ pear) 1 EUR
0,2 Coca cola,cola light 1 EUR
0,2 Tonic / classic/ginger/ 1 EUR
0,2 Vinea 1 EUR
1 Coffee 1 EUR
1 Tea 1 EUR
0,1 Wine ( red/ white) 1 EUR
0,3 Bottled beer 1 EUR
0,33 Bottled beer - alcohol free 1 EUR

Snacks ( served every day):
2 pc Pancakes with fruit 3 EUR
2 pc Apple strudel 2 EUR
1 Pack of nuts 1 EUR
1 Pack of crisps 1 EUR

Lunch menu
(6 EUR/ per person)

Roasted duck legs with cabbage and potato gnocchi
Farfalle with tomatoes, spinach and parmesan

Chicken saute on torch ginger with wild rice
Vegetable wrap with yoghurt dressing and chilli dip

Pork loin souse vide with demi-glace sauce and fried potatoes
Papardelle with mild garlic sauce, chopped pancetta on a chicory leaf
Greek salad

Roast lamb on the wine with carlsbad dumplings
Risotto with fresh vegetables, bamboo and cheese

Pork schnitzel served with traditional Czech potato salad
Omelet with vegetables, potato, butter

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